What is a re-manufactured cartridge?


A re-manufactured cartridge is collected through our recycling scheme. Only the best quality cartridges are re-manufactured. They are firstly cleaned thoroughly with our own developed cleaning solution to remove any dried ink. They are then refilled and each cartridge is tested before leaving the factory.


I’ve heard that re-manufactured inks may block my ink jets?


This may be the case with some of our competitors. This is mainly down to the fact that air gets inside the ink cartridge at the manufacturing stage. We undertake a unique process to avoid this, resulting in a very a low return rate, less than 0.3%.


Will the colours be as bright as the original manufacturer inks?


Yes, the inks give rich, vibrant, long lasting prints. (However, the setting you use for your printer and the correct paper will make a huge difference to your print.)


Will the product last as long as an original product?


All cartridges will print at least the same amount, and in some cases more than the original branded product. This benefits the consumer and the environment, as the cartridge not only contains extra ink but is also made from recycled materials, therefore printing for longer and reducing waste.


Our Laser Toner cartridges are filled with the same amount of toner so you will not experience any loss of pages.